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Amendment to the Rules of Organization and Procedure Ordinance

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Date Introduced: 10/5/2005
Date Passed:

Claypool, Suffredin


This amendment proposes that the executive budget recommendations be presented to the Finance Committee on or after September 15 but no later than October 15 for the fiscal year that begins December of that calendar year.

Activity Log:

Referred to the Committee on Rules

Full Text of Legislation:

Submitting a Proposed Ordinance Amendment sponsored by




Co-Sponsored by


ANTHONY J. PERAICA, County Commissioner







WHEREAS, the President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners annually presents an Executive Budget Recommendation to the Board of Commissioners; and


WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners debates and considers the budget, debates and considers relevant amendments, and passes a budget for Cook County by the end of February of each calendar year; and


WHEREAS, in the past the Board of Commissioners has usually had fewer than four months to review an annual budget that funds over 25,000 FTE positions and contains $3 billion in revenues and expenditures and therefore cannot give appropriate consideration to each aspect of the budget; and


WHEREAS, given the large fiscal deficits that have arisen over the past several years and have needed to be filled by the President and the Board of Commissioners, and further given the differences of opinions with regard to closing the deficits, it is important that all parties have adequate time to consider the budget, write and propose amendments, and arrive at an ultimate decision to either support or oppose the budget recommendation; and


WHEREAS, recognizing the need for a specified and uniform budgeting process, the U.S. Congress passed the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974, which still forms the basis for the budget process; and


WHEREAS, the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act species that the President of the United States is to transmit his or her budget to Congress on or after the first Monday in January but not later than the first Monday in February of each year for the following fiscal year, which begins on October 1, thereby giving Congress eight months to review and act on the Presidentís recommendation; and


WHEREAS, all governments should be seeking to involve citizens in budgeting and legislating, allowing for greater time before the presentation of the budget and the ensuing consideration by the Board will allow for more citizens to make their voices heard and for the President and the Board of Commissioners to better seek out the opinions of their constituents; and


WHEREAS, Cook County currently has no set date by which the President must provide the Executive Budget Recommendation to the Board of Commissioners.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED THAT, the Cook County Rules of Organization and Procedure Ordinance is hereby amended as set forth below:






3-1.      Finance Committee.


(a)        The Presidentís executive budget recommendations and all motions, resolutions or ordinances that propose, amend, transfer or supplement any appropriations of funds or budget measure shall be referred to the Finance Committee.  The executive budget recommendations shall provide the basis upon which the annual appropriation ordinance is prepared and enacted., and it will be presented to the Finance Committee on or after September 15 but no later than October 15 for the fiscal year that begins in December of that calendar year.


(b)        After considering the executive budget recommendations submitted by the President and all other budget measures submitted by members, the Finance Committee shall prepare an annual appropriation ordinance in tentative form, which in such tentative form shall be made conveniently available to public inspection for at least ten (10) days prior to final action thereon, by publication in the journal of the proceedings of the Board or in such other form as the Board may prescribe; and not less than one week after publication of such tentative appropriation bill and prior to final action thereon, the Finance Committee shall hold at least one public hearing thereon, notice of which shall be given by publication in a newspaper having general circulation in the County at least one week prior to the time of such hearing.  It shall be the duty of the Finance Committee to prepare such tentative appropriation bill and make it so available to public inspection and also to arrange for and hold such public hearing or hearings.



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