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Amendment to Chapter 2, Article III of the Cook County Code of Ordinances

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Date Introduced: 10/4/2006
Date Passed:

Daley, Steele
Butler, Claypool, Collins, Gorman, Goslin, Hansen, Maldonado, Moreno, Murphy, Peraica, Quigley, Silvestri, Sims, Suffredin


Ordinance to require any lobbying effort taken by any County official to have the written approval of the President and Cook County Board of Commissioners. Penalties established.

Full Text of Legislation:

BE IT ORDAINED, by the Cook county Board of Commissioners that Chapter 2, Article III of the Cook County Code of Ordinances is hereby amended by addition of the following section:

Sec. 2-79. Committee on tax foreclosures.Legislative impact review.

     Any proposed legislation introduced before the Illinois General Assembly at the behest of the Cook County Treasurer, Recorder of Deeds, Assessor, Sheriff, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Chief Judge, State’s Attorney, County Clerk, member of the Board of Review, or any person acting on behalf of the President of Cook County in a capacity as chief of a bureau or head of a department, is required to carry the prior written consent of the President of the Board of Commissioners. In the event that any of the herein named officials appears in the record as a proponent of a measure that passes both houses of the General Assembly and becomes law, where said law has a fiscal impact on Cook County government, the full amount of the fiscal impact will be charged against the budget of the elected or appointed county official so identified as a proponent.

Sec. 2-80. Committee on tax foreclosures.

Secs. 2-8081--2-100. Reserved.

Effective Date:

This Ordinance takes effect immediately upon becoming law.


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