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Amendment to the Wheel Tax Amendment

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Date Introduced: 6/5/2007
Date Passed:

Gorman, Suffredin


Clarification to vehicle fees imposed through the Cook County Wheel Tax Ordinance.

Full Text of Legislation:



BE IT ORDAINED, by the Cook County Board of Commissioners that Chapter 32, Section 32-1 and Chapter 74, Sections 74-559 and 74-568 of the Cook County Code are hereby amended as follows.




Sec. 32-1. Fee Schedule


The fees or charges provided for or required by the below listed sections shall be shown below:


Code Section


Fees, Rates, Charges

(in dollars)





Fee Schedule (Wheel Tax):







Annual License Fee

(in dollars)


School, church and nonprofit vehicles (as described in Section 74-554)


No Fee


Annual license for motor vehicles in Class X and Class U for persons over 65           






License fees for motor vehicles in Classes XSV and XLV, excluding ambulances and hearses, owned by persons 65 years of age and older shall, upon satisfactory proof of age, be charged a one-time fee for the duration of the ownership of such vehicle.  Such discount is limited to two cars owned by the same owner.





74-563 565 (b)

Annual license fee for dealer license plate or transparent sticker license emblem, each plate or emblem.

10.00 20.00




Sec. 74-559.  Annual license.


(a) Annual licenses must be displayed by July 1. Said licenses shall be valid until June 30 in the following year.


(b) New residents.  Within 60 days of taking up residence within the unincorporated area of Cook County, a current Cook County Vehicle License must be displayed on the owner’s vehicle.


(c) Newly acquired vehicles.  For any new or used vehicle purchased or acquired after July 1, a valid Cook County Vehicle License must be displayed within 30 days of the date of acquisition.


Sec. 74-568. Penalty for ordinance violation.


(a) Late fee.  Any person or motor vehicle owner as defined in Section 74-551 or 74-552 who purchases a license after the effective day July 1 or other due date as defined in Section 74-559(b) or Section 74-559(c) shall pay a late fee penalty equal to the amount due for the license fee but not less than $25.00 per license, whichever is more. Persons over age 65, physically handicapped individuals, or disabled veterans shall not be charged more than $25.00 for a late fee. 


(b) Back dated fees.  Any person or motor vehicle as defined in Section 74-551 or 74-552 who did not purchase a license after the effective date may be required to pay the entire amount of fees due for each of the prior three years that the fee had not been paid. 


(c) Penalty for failure to properly display sticker or unlawful use of sticker on another vehicle.  Any owner, driver or motor vehicle in violation of these provisions requiring a license shall be fined not less than $75.00 per offense nor more than $150.00 per offense. 


(d) Purchase of a license after the due date.  Purchase of a license after the due date shall not result in an order of compliance discharge or a finding of not guilty by any court or administrative hearing and penalties and fines, contained herein shall be mandatory.


Approved and adopted this 5th day of June 2007.


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