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Cook County Bureau of Health Trusteeship

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Date Introduced: 12/4/2007
Date Passed:



Ordinance to create a Bureau of Health Trusteeship to oversee day-to-day operations of the Bureau of Health.

Activity Log:

Referred to Committee on Health and Hospitals.

Full Text of Legislation:

BE IT ORDAINED, by the Cook County Board of Commissioners that Chapter 38, Article I, Sections 38-2 through Sections 38-5 of the Cook County Code is hereby enacted as follows:

Sec. 38-2.        Creation of Cook County Bureau of Health Trusteeship.

The Cook County Board of Commissioners (the “Board”) hereby establishes the Cook County Bureau of Health Trusteeship (“CCBOHT”) for a term of three (3) years.  The President and the Board shall transfer day to day authority over the Cook County Bureau of Health to the CCBOHT consistent with this Ordinance.  The Trusteeship shall, immediately upon passage of this Ordinance, assume responsibility for the oversight of all entities currently within the jurisdiction of the Cook County Bureau of Health.  The Trusteeship shall consist of an Interim Board of Trustees (“IBOT”) comprised of one person designated by each of the following organizations: the Institute of Medicine of Chicago, the Illinois Public Health Association, the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council, the Health and Medicine Policy Research Group, the Chicago Department of Public Health, the Cook County Physicians Association, and the Chicago Federation of Labor. 


Also serving on the IBOT shall be an additional member, selected by the President with the advice and consent of the Board.  All votes shall require a simple majority of the full IBOT.  The CCBOHT shall be considered a part of Cook County government.


Sec. 38-3.        Powers and Responsibilities of the IBOT.

The Interim Board of Trustees shall have as its primary purpose, the following powers and responsibilities:

1)      Ensuring the availability and access to high quality health care services, including primary and preventive care, for all medically indigent Cook County residents;


2)      Ensuring efficacy in service delivery and sound fiscal management of all aspects of the Bureau of Health, including the collections of all governmental and private third party payers and other revenues;


3)      Ensuring that all operations of the Bureau of Health, especially contractual and personnel matters are conducted free from any political interference in accordance with all applicable law;


4)      Oversight of the CEO of the Bureau and the development of measures to evaluate the CEO’s performance, including the reporting of such measures to the Board at six (6) month intervals;


5)      Approval of annual operations and capital budgets which shall be submitted to the Board for final approval;


6)      Approval of all personnel policies, consistent with existing state laws, county ordinances, personnel codes, collective bargaining agreements and court orders;


7)      Approval of all leases, intergovernmental agreements and contracts, including all vendor and private third party payer agreements in excess of $25,000, which are subject to the approval of Board;


8)      Acquisition, sale, repair and maintenance of all Bureau property and assets and with respect to transactions in excess of $25,000 subject to approval by the Board.


9)      Conducting long-range strategic and fiscal planning, including the establishment and maintenance of operational and capital reserves specifically allocated to the CCBOHT.


Sec. 38-4.        Chief Executive Officer; appointment and powers.

The IBOT shall select an Interim Chief Executive Officer of the Bureau of Health with the agreement of the President and the Board to take over all administrative responsibilities within 30 days after passage of this Ordinance.  The IBOT shall conduct a nationwide search in order to select a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Bureau of Health.  Such search shall be concluded no later than 120 days from the enactment of this Ordinance.  Pursuant to Illinois Statute, the CEO selected by the IBOT shall serve with the agreement of the President pending the approval by the Board.

The CEO of the Bureau of Health shall have full operational responsibility and managerial authority for all entities within the Bureau, consistent with Illinois Statute, including: 

1)         Establishing Bureau of Health operational and capital budgets subject to IBOT approval;

2)         Hiring and firing of personnel in conformity with all state laws, county ordinances, personnel codes, court orders and collective bargaining agreements;

3)         Development and implementation of personnel policies consistent with all existing state laws, county ordinances, personnel codes, court orders and collective bargaining agreements, subject to IBOT approval;

4)         Selection of outside vendors and consultants in conformity with all county ordinances;

5)         Negotiating and executing leases, intergovernmental agreements and contracts, including private third party payer agreements, subject to the approval of the IBOT for all such transactions in excess of $ 25,000;

6)      The purchase, sale or repair of equipment consistent with the Cook County Procurement Ordinance.



Sec. 38-5.        Termination of IBOT.

The Cook County Bureau of Health Trusteeship and this Ordinance shall terminate after three (3) years from the effective date of this Ordinance, unless the Board acts to renew its powers and responsibilities.


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