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Ordinance Adopting Guidelines for the Expenditure and Reimbursement of Contingency Funds for County Commissioners and Staff

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Date Introduced: 2/4/2009
Date Passed:

Quigley, Silvestri
Claypool, Daley, Goslin, Peraica, Schneider, Suffredin


Ordinance to establish guidelines for the expenditure and reporting of contingency funds for County Commissioners. 

Activity Log:

Referred to the Committee on Finance.

Full Text of Legislation:







WHEREAS, the annual budget for the government of Cook County includes contingency funds for each Commissionerís office; and 


WHEREAS, the contingency fund is appropriated to provide for expenses incurred in the normal and customary operation of each Commissionerís office and for the reimbursement of expenses associated with the normal and customary duties of each office; and 


WHEREAS, the contingency fund is provided to each Commissionerís office to assist the Commissioner and his or her staff in the performance of their duties. 


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, by the Cook County Board of Commissioners, that Chapter 34 Finance, Article II, Section 34-40 of the Cook County Code is hereby enacted as follows: 


Sec. 34-40.  Use of contingency funds by Commissioners and staff (018-890). 


(a) Contingency funds may be provided to assist Commissioners and members of their staffs in the execution of official duties. 


(b) The following guidelines shall apply to the expenditure and reimbursement of contingency funds by each Commissionerís office: 


(1)  Contingency funds shall be expended for:  


a.   Office supplies, utilities, or materials;  


      b.   Costs relating to attendance at meetings and events, including meals, in the performance of official duties;  


c.   Travel and transportation expenses for county functions, meetings and duties.  Such expenses may include reimbursement for automobile usage;


d.   Educational programs related to government, finance, or other topics generally associated with the functions of county government;  


                  e.   Newspapers, journals, magazines, or books related to official duties; 


                  f.    Other information or research materials; 


                  g.   Membership fees for non-profit, community, or civic organizations; 


h.   Attendance at civic, social, fraternal, and other events sponsored by community groups and associations, including religious and charitable events, as long as such expenses for attendance are for attendance at such events and not for the general promotion of any particular religious, philanthropic, or charitable mission or objective;


i.    Enhancement of any other budgetary appropriation within the budget of the office of the Commissioner;


j.    Expenses incurred by staff of the Commissioner, as approved by the Commissioner, within these guidelines; 


k.   Costs directly related to the provision of constituent services.


(2)  Funds shall not be utilized for political activities, including, but not limited to:


a.       Travel or transportation expenses to political or fundraising events;


b.      The printing, publishing, or mailing of materials for political or fundraising events;


c.   Donations to campaign funds.


(3)  Contingency funds shall not be expended for or accepted as additional income;  


(4)  Within 30 days of the end of each quarter of the Countyís fiscal year, each Commissioner shall submit an expenditure report detailing the expenses incurred by his or her office during that quarter to the Secretary to the Board of Commissioners, supported by:


a.       Mileage logs and fuel receipts;


b.   Copies of travel documents;


c.   Copies of cancelled checks;


d.   Course descriptions for qualified educational programs;


e.       Receipts for or any other records related to expenses specified in this Section.


(5)  The Secretary to the Board of Commissioners shall post the expenditure reports described in subsection (b)(4) to a publicly accessible web page within 15 days of receipt. 


(6)  Monies expended from the contingency fund found not to be in compliance with the above guidelines shall be returned to Cook County


Effective date:  This Ordinance shall be effective upon adoption.




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