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Amends County Ordinance Pertaining to Election of President

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Date Introduced: 5/5/2009
Date Passed:

Claypool, Daley, Gorman, Goslin, Peraica, Silvestri, Suffredin


Most governments outside of Cook County require a separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches of government.  This ordinance allows Cook County to have the same separation by not allowing the President to also serve as a member of the board.  The President will be elected from the county at large and cannot simultaneously serve as a member of the County Board.

Full Text of Legislation:

BE IT ORDAINED, by the Cook County Board of Commissioners that Chapter 2 Administration, Article II President of the County Board, Section 2-41, of the Cook County Code is hereby amended as follows:

WHEREAS, most counties in Illinois are governed by the Executive Model of government whereby the county executive serves as the chief executive officer of the county while the council or legislature serves as the county's legislative body; and

WHEREAS, the Executive Model of government is common not just among counties but governments throughout Illinois including the City of Chicago and Illinois state government; and

WHEREAS, it has been stated that the quality of local democracy will be enhanced by the introduction of a separation of powers; and

WHEREAS, most forms of government do not allow their President or Chief Executive Officer to serve a dual rule as a legislator/commissioner; and

WHEREAS, Cook County is unique in that the Illinois Constitution, Article 7, Section 4, subsection (b) allows only Cook County  to determine, by ordinance, that the chief executive officer can also serve as a commissioner on the board which they govern; and

WHEREAS, it would better serve the residents of Cook County to have a separation of power between the executive and legislative branches.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, that to be consistent and fair to all residents of Cook County the Cook County Board of Commissioners does hereby amend the Cook County Code, Chapter 2 Administration, Article II President of the County Board, Section 2-41, to read as follows:

(a)        Election. The President of the Cook County Board shall be elected from the County at large and shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the County. A person seeking election as President of the County Board may not simultaneously seek election as a member of the Board.



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