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Date Introduced: 9/1/2009
Date Passed:

Beavers, Butler, Claypool, Collins, Daley, Gainer, Gorman, Goslin, Moreno, Murphy, Peraica, Schneider, Silvestri, Sims, Steele-Robert, Stroger-Todd


This ordinance amends Chapter 82 Traffic and Vehicles, Article III, Section 82-88 of the Cook County Code. First, it requires all vehicles to have registration plates or decals when parking in spaces reserved for persons with disabilities or disabled veterans. Second, any person or local authority operating off-street parking is authorized to remove the vehicle in violation to the nearest garage or other place of safety. Lastly, violators of the provision shall be fined $250, in addition to any costs incurred during the removal of the vehicle.

Full Text of Legislation:

BE IT ORDAINED, by the Cook County Board of Commissioners, that Chapter 82 Traffic and Vehicles, Article III, Section 82-88 of the Cook County Code is hereby amended as follows: Sec. 82-88. Unauthorized use of parking places reserved for persons with disabilities. (a) Registration plates or decals. It shall be prohibited to park any motor vehicle which is not bearing registration plates or decals issued to a person with disabilities, as defined in 625 ILCS 5/1-159.1 (person with disabilities defined) pursuant to 625 ILCS 5/3-616 (person with disabilities license plates) or 625 ILCS 5/11-1301.2 (special decals for a person with disabilities parking), or to a disabled veteran pursuant to 625 ILCS 5/3-609 (disabled veterans' plates), as evidence that the vehicle is operated by or for a person with disabilities or disabled veteran, in any parking place, including any private or public off-street facility, specifically reserved, by the posting of an official sign. (b) Removal of authorized vehicles. Any person or local authority owning or operating any public or private off-street parking facility may, after notifying the Sheriff's Police Department, remove or cause to be removed to the nearest garage or other place of safety any vehicle parked within a stall or space reserved for use by the handicapped which does not display handicapped registration plates or a special decal or device as required under this section. (c) Fine. Any person found guilty of violating the provisions of this section shall be fined 250.00, in addition to any costs or charges connected with the removal or storage of any motor vehicle authorized under this section. Effective date: This Ordinance Amendment shall be effective upon adoption.


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